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How to choose a Bogu set

How to choose a Kendo Bogu set

We have developed several easy to understand indicators, to help you choose the perfect Bogu set for your needs. Here at All Japan Budogu, we know that not only to we provide the best level of service, also our Kendo Bogu is both the best quality, and best value available on the market. However, we know that it can be a daunting task choosing the right one to fit your needs and budget, so we have devised a few, easy to follow indicators that will make the job easier.


Type Indicator - look for these icons to give you a general idea of the main features of each Bogu set.

Click the appropriate Icon to view all sets in each series.

basic-2018.png Bogu sets displaying the 'Basic' icon are made to be perfect entry-level choices, made to the best possible quality, whilst retaining an extremely low price. These Bogu sets are great for those on a budget, and offer a price/quality ratio that is simply unrivaled by our competitors.
hyoujun-20182.png In Japanese the word 'Hyou-Jun' means 'standard', and Bogu sets displaying this icon are made to be the obvious choice for those looking for a good-value, all-round Bogu set. Our 'Hyou-Jun' series is designed to offer the best all-round balance between being light-weight, and protective. In other words, the 'Hyou-Jun' series contains reasonably priced, quality Bogu sets that are great for a mixture of practice and tournament use. Designed to be suitable for literally all levels of Kendoka.
yoroi-2018.png It is probably best to imagine our 'Yoroi' series Bogu sets as super-charged versions of our 'Hyou-Jun' series. These are the ultimate in all-round Bogu sets. Whilst being light weight, they also offer fantastic protection and comfort, and are made using top-class materials and craftsmanship to further boost durability. Our 'Yoroi' series features wider stitching than conventional Bogu sets, leaving the Futon thick, and flexible, making it great for those who practice frequently, and are often on the receiving end of repeated, hard strikes. Although these sets feature additional padding, they also take advantage of modern technology, to ensure that they are still kept as light as possible, making them also a suitable for those looking for a Bogu that they can use both in the Dojo, and out at tournaments. Like the 'Hyou-Jun' series, these Bogu sets are suitable for ALL levels of Kendoka, and we particulalry encourage instructors to introduce them to those new to Kendo, who may be concern about the pain experienced when being struck. Also, instructors who are often on the receiving end of their student's strikes, will appreciate the additional protection offered, whilst their student's get to grips with the techniques required for correct striking.
jissen-2018.png Our 'Jissen' range features some of the sets that made our Bogu famous, around the world. These are the Bogu sets that are designed to be ultra-light weight, giving you every possible advantage available to achieve victory. Many of the sets in this range are the choice of the world's top competitors, including members of several national teams (including Japan, USA, France, Hungary and several more), as well as All Japan, and World Champions. Up to 30% lighter than traditional Bogu sets, our 'Jissen' range is the natural choice for those looking for a high-quality, well-made tournament Bogu set. It also makes a great choice for those who often travel, having a big impact on cutting down on the weight of luggage. Where our 'Yoroi' series takes the principles of the 'Hyou-Jun' series, and adds protection, the 'Jissen' series removes all of the unnecessary elements, to give a simplified Bogu set, made from top quality materials, that will be your perfect partner, walking with you along the road to glory.
koukyuu-2018.png With our 'Kou-Kyuu' range you can be confident that you are investing in the best that money can buy. Using only the very finest Japanese materials, and built by the most renowned craftsmen in the world, 'Kou-Kyuu' brings you a level of elegance and luxury that is simply unrivalled. Desinged for those looking to invest a little more into their Bogu purchase, in order to comission a piece that will offer breath-taking quality, built not only to last, but eminate an aura of exquisite beauty. Each Bogu set bearing our 'Kou-Kyuu' icon is, quite simply, a unique piece of Japanese traditional art. Each set is tailor made to the dimensions and specifications of each owner. Hand-in-hand with beauty, comes unbelieveable comfort and protection, demonstrating why Bogu sets from the All Japan Budogu 'Kou-Kyuu' range are unbeatable in every way.


Rating Indicator - Here you can see an in-depth, yet easy to read, analysis of the features of each Bogu set.


This diagramme gives you a quick indication of Comfort, Durability, Protection and Looks. Each rating is out of 5, with 5 being the best. This is provided as a method of guidance to help you easily decide which Bogu is best for you, based on the features upon which you place most importance.

Weight Indicator - Here you can see an approximate weight, in grams, of the parts of each Bogu set, as well as the total weight. This is only approximate, as each individual size is slightly different.


Men : 1,260g

Kote : 380g

Do : 1,450g

Tare : 560g

TOTAL : 3,650g



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