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LIMITED EDITION -AJB CrossPitch- 6mm Koshi Sashi Bogu Set

$1,178.50 $425.00
(You save $753.50)

Product Description



Usually cross stitching means more money but, as a last gift from our company as it is, we wanted to give away an affordable Cross stitched Bogu Set for the minimum price.
This was the base model that helped us to create new improvements on our bogu equipments. For those of you that always wanted to try a cross stitched bogu set, this is the perfect opportunity and THE BEST PRICE to get it, as a last limited model of All Japan Budogu.

AJB CrossPitch Bogu set

Limited Edition☆

A full Shoaizome Orizashi reinforced Futon, makes AJB CrossPitch bogu set lightweight, flexible and quick drying. 6mm Koshi-sashi stitching with Heri-kawa made of Clarino leather.

All Japan CrossPitch stitching gives the Futon additional strength and an increased ability to hold its shape. Unlike traditional Bogu sets, the grid patterned stitching acts as a flexible framework for the Futon, allowing it to be easily flexed and maneuvered in all directions, providing more comfort. Further, this additional flexibility acts as a shock absorbent and reduces the impact of the Shinai strike, before it is relayed to the body. This completely contradicts the old-fashioned school of thought that a hard, rigid Futon provides more protection – as the concept of the super-flexible CrossPitch Futon is to cushion the impact, and this also provides maximum comfort.

This Bogu set is perfect for normal Training, but due to its comfortability it can be used at Shiai too.

Includes Himo and Chichikawa




The current product is shipped without tag. 



Other Details

Sashi Haba:
6mm All Japan CrossPitch
Hari (Reinforcement):
Full Shoaizome Orizashi Cotton
Urakawa (Reverse Leather):
Genuine Shoaizome Deerskin
Herikawa (Edging):
Genuine Shoaizome Deerskin
Cotton Parts:
#11,000 Navy Cotton
Kazari Ito:
AJP Pearl Mengane
Mendare Stitching:
6mm All Japan CrossPitch Naname-zashi
Uchiwa (Face Padding):
Velvet Type
Navy Naname-zashi
Palm Leather:
Micro-Punched All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Kote Namako:
1dan Namako
Atama (Fist Section):
Full Top Grade Shoaizome Orizashi, with genuine deerhair filling and Yoroi-style Kazari
Mune Kazari:
Choice of Designs
Standard Do-Dai:
50pc Black Yamato Do-Dai
Tare Herikawa (Edging):
None - All Japan 'Jissen' Tare
Tare Dankazari (Decoritive Lines):
6-dan Kazari

Product Reviews

  1. Perfect Bogu... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 14th 2020

    Perfect Bogu set. Perfect quality, lighweight, simple and stylish. Kote are comfortable and very protective, even big strikes with shinai don´t hurt. Men also provides perfect protection after break-in.
    Bogu is easy to care and dries quickly. I am very satisfied with my purchase and also very satisfied with customer care. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic Bogu 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 30th 2020

    Great Bogu. Men very protective. Mendare keeps its shape very good after bending. Kote are very protective too, but neverthless comfortable to wear and allow relaxed grip of shinai. Do is of good quality. Tare is also of superior quality and the tapering at the end makes it easier to tie. I personally consider the bogu set as real bargain. Very affordable price but no cheap stuff.

  3. Great Bogus and perfect... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 22nd 2020

    We were looking for perfect bogus and found them in All Japan Budogu Outlet. We were skeptical whether it was advisable to order armar without trying it on, but the instructions on the homepage and the support from the staff were perfect! Our Senseis are enthusiastic about our bogus and at such a price. It was a pleasure! Greetings from Germany

  4. Bogu is very nice, I an very... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 5th 2020

    I am glad for purchacing this bogu - quality looks as top and price is very very friendly. Size all parts are exactly for me. Men is very nice, good protection and after some trainings will be full comfortable for me. Kote are very good and subtle, they are as my winter gloves - some keiko and will be great, Tare is nice and have tinning end of obi, its very good for tying. Do Mune with ORIZASHI Onigumo Kazari looks very nice. Better feedback will be after half year / year (after more keiko). These Men and Kote make me be better motodachi and I will be little better kakarite. Thank you

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